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what are wood pellets?

Wood Pellets are a biomass product made by compressing waste wood, grasses, straws, corn stalks, even paper and cardboard into a dense pellet like form. Traditionally, trees were ,hopped and sawn to make firewood which was then burned, releasing its energy for heating or to boil water. Although we have been burning firewood for thousands of years, the problem with this that we need an enclosed area to store the chopped firewood to keep it dry.

Also, burning firewood in a wood burning stove may look nice but is inefficient as the wood may be wet and does not provide enough heat throughout the home, and once burnt it produces a lot of ash and resides which need to be cleaned. Cutting down trees and burning wooden logs uses up our natural resources as well.

wood pelletsWood pellets, also called “wood fuel pellets” on the other hand, are a man-made product produced under intense heat and pressure as the biomass materials are compressed into a pellet form. This gives them a uniform shape, size and density making them ideal as an alternative fuel source.

Wood fuel pellets can be used as a home heating fuel in biomass boilers or special pellet burning stoves. Pellet stoves are better than regular open wood fireplaces, because they burn cleaner with much less smoke and soot.

Because wood pellets are extremely dense and contain a low moisture content (lower than 10%) means that the pellets can burn in the stove at a very high combustion temperature with improved efficiency and much lower ash content (less than 2%) compared to burning conventional firewood.


- Description:

Product Name: Wood Pellet        

- Ash :0.5 to 0.6

- Shape: Stick

- Color: light Yellow

- Burning Rate : 90-95%

- Calorific Value: 4800kcal

- Diameter:6mm or 8mm

- Density :640kg/m3 min to 739kg/M3 min

- Inner Density: 1100KG/M3 min

- Bulk Density: 739kg/M3  to 1100kg/m3

- Heat Efficiency :Above 85%

- Humidity :7 to 9 %

- Length: 10-12mm and 25mm or 30mm

- Moisture Content: 8- 10-12%

- Material :100% Wood Chip/Sawdust

- Heating power:4800 Kcal

- Uses: Bio-Fuel and Heating System

- Wood Type:Pine, Oak, Beech and Spruce.

- Packing: 15kg bags or According to buyers requirement

- Quality: Grade : A

- Loading: 24 tons max x 40ft fcl