Global Strategic Trading Srl is at home in the heart of one of Romania's most forested areas, the Fichtelgebirge mountain range. In the past decades, GLOBAL continuously developed from a traditional sawmill to a state of the art timber machining plant. In the affiliated planing facility, finished individual and mass products are manufactured for the GLOBAL and the international market using two planing lines. Most of these products are kiln-dried in advance in one of the eight drying chambers to an average moisture content of 16%.

For more than fifteen years, Global Strategic Trading Srl  has been a full service wood product supplier.  Global Strategic Trading Srl is a big company striving to exceed customer expectatio

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Clients Feedback

Hey everyone i have worked with this company for 5 years today as they supply my company with oak wood lumber monthly , i am so proud of them their products are so great , their goods are of the best quality , and they make sure the lead time is maintained as agreed , i am short of worlds in describing this company i think actions speaks louder than worlds come and see for your self thanks so much

Maria Anthony

Guys what an amazing company, very reliable, i placed an order for 50 containers of ash logs and i was so impressed with what i saw .i was invited to come check the company during the production of my order, i must say this company is so big and good and are capable of producing more 2000cbm a can try for your self and come spread the good news

Reena james

Hey i deal with this company every year and i am so happy with their products they are very unique .welcome clients so well and they work very hard, try them they are very good.


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Why Choose Us

Global Strategic Trading Srl pays particular attention to manufacturing and quality control processes, as well as to relationship between existing and potential business partners. We are flexible and we can adjust to client needs, open on both sides beneficial business offers. Our company is a stable and reliable producer of Round Logs Kiln Dried lumber for many years. We supply mostly Grade A, AB and ABC (with removed most of red heart) un-edged as well as edged lumber. We have White oak logs for sale,European White Oak for sale, European ash logs for sale, European birch logs, Spruce logs and Pine logs for sale ,Poplar logs Beech logs for sale, Ash Logs and lumber White oak lumber , Beech Lumber, Birch lumber quality logs also available. We process round logs into timber. We saw both round and square edged Timber. From year 1992 Global Strategic Trading Srl started milling timber and exporting to worldwide markets. Our largest export market is Asia, where most of our round and square edged timber is highly demanded. Also customers in America, Norway, Italy, France and Czech Republic got to know products of GLOBAL STRATEGIC TRADING SRL.